Thoughts on Graduation this year. 2009.

My impending graduation scares me a bit. I went into the carreer counseling center to ask about my future (as though they know it all) and recieved the answer of “You don’t need to be here. You’ve got as much as you need to figured out.”

I signed up for some class they offer and recieved a free leather portfolio and hopefully a copy of a book as a result…Why? I like the idea of a leather portfolio.

I find that some of my friends have lots of ideas about what they want when they’re done. I have one thing that I want to do. I want to be a Youth intern and hang out with kids. It’s not very professional perhaps and it feels silly sometimes, but honestly I don’t feel like a man who likes to wear a suit to work. They get sweatted through fast.

I wish graduation wasn’t coming so fast. I know what will happen, it will just appear one day. I will finish finals and then I will suddenly have graduated college. Time is strange. Somethings seem and feel like they will last an eternity, but at the end they just end. High school, working on farms in costa rica, and now college. I always notice the value in these things after the fact! I don’t want that to happen this time! I want to experience the blessing and see it as such.

I realize college is awesome, and I am scared to leave at some level. I am sure the Lord has good things for me. However, I still have this feeling in the gut of my stomach that is either the nachos I just ate or the feeling that I will miss everyone and this experience so much when it ends. I don’t want to get all melodramatic, but I did when I graduated high school and I actually think that this matters more than high school did…Gosh, I love the things I am blessed to experience. I always have. Even when good things ended, more good things came.

I have no doubt that I will cry about this eventually. Either some day soon or some day before graduation. I will thank Jesus for this time amidst those bitter-sweet tears of joy and sorrow.

What do I really think about graduating? It won’t be the end of the world. It will more likely be the beginning of a new sort of life.

Did I love my time at SPU? Yes. Still, you can’t stay in one place in life. Even the good things end. I’m planning on walking down that goofy stage, getting my degree, and then strolling into the rest of my life leading to eternity. You can come if you want. Just help me to stay in touch with you.


3 thoughts on “Thoughts on Graduation this year. 2009.

  1. Not sure whether you agree but the scariest thing about graduating in the amount of power you will soon have over your whole life. No more prescribed formula (highschool then college) it’s all you bro (well and God who I’m sure is on your side). My advice, albeit unneeded or unwanted, focus on the constants–friends, family, faith–who and what you believe in. The rest will come and yes it will be unexpected, boring, wonderful and unwonderful at times.

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