Going to Duke 2012

I think by this point the cat is out of the bag, however, in case you didn’t know…I’m moving to North Carolina soon. I’ll be attending Duke Divinity School for the next 3 years to earn my Masters of Divinity.

A slightly pompous sounding degree, but nonetheless one that I shall pursue.

I’ve been having moments lately. The sort of moments that come with the transition to a new place. I find myself looking longingly at Mount Rainier, at bodies of water, at the rain, at the evergreens that mark this beautiful city. There’s a part of me that wonders where home will be in years to come.

After 25 years in the PNW I have really come to love this place. For all of the reasons above and more. I have made great friends and been able to receive a wonderful and supportive sense of community.

The other day I put a series of things in boxes. My desk, office chair, and bed are soon to be either given to friends or Goodwill. It’s all feeling so very fast.

It’s like that moment that hits you right before you jump from the Blob tower at Camp Firwood. There’s that part of my brain that always thinks, “Oh. I’m really doing this. I’ve committed to jumping off of something that feels secure into something that feels uncertain.”

Then I free fall…

…and hit a giant plastic pillow sending some tiny kid 20 feet in the air to face-plant in the lake. I smile and laugh at this point.

This is the emotional pattern I’m hoping it will follow. All the same, God’s faithfulness brought me here. I’ll keep letting Him take me places.

This blog will be live from North Carolina in 3 weeks. Wow.


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