My name is Chauncey. Yep. It’s my real name and despite being eight letters it isn’t short for anything. Sometimes I like to say that it’s short for Chaunceston just to see if people will believe it. They often will.

I was born in the lovely town of Bellingham, WA and I am the youngest of three children. I am 25 years old.

I am a Christian. Despite what you may or may not connotate with that, to me it means loving God and loving other people in His example and through His Spirit.

I am a fan of large bodies of water. The Pacific Ocean is one of my favorite things in existence.

I don’t like bicycles–following a cycling accident several years ago I never got back on the “horse”. I prefer cars or my own feet. I enjoy running.

I cry at the part of movies where people might cry.

I have emotions that are easy to see.

I process many things externally.

I am proud of my heritage as a Latino man. I don’t “look” mexican…but I think that’s because my relatives were from Spain to begin with. I went to Spain recently and surprise! I look like that’s where I’m from. I am also proud of my heritage on the other side of the family, that being scotch-irish. I submit that it has something to do with my love of hugs and listening to the same songs over and over again.

I’ll add more as I think of it.


18 thoughts on “Chauncey

  1. Dear son, Don’t know what happened to my reply…guess it wasn’t meant to happen when I pressed the submit comment box. Love you, mama

  2. We are relieved to know you made it to London and have already started checking out the Brits. Make sure to make yourself useful at Andrew’s and keep your space clean…by the way did you say just before leaving that you had left your room in good condition for any visitors??? Thanks for stripping your bed but is that basket full of clothes dirty or clean? Initially I worried that you had forgotten to leave your phone, but that thought was dispensed with when I opened your bedroom door. Enjoy your freedom but don’t infringe on others. We love you and depend upon you to keep yourself safe. God has his hands full with the witless. Love M/P

  3. 9/3/10 Friday
    Beautiful weather here today…went to Terra Organica for coffee and chicken scraps, Costco for pepperjack cheese and nuts, Goodwill for containers for Papa’s “chia seeds”; and worked on the “beehouse”. It is suppose to get wet and cooler tomorrow and I was hoping to get a major way done on that developing structure on the back slab…Got lots to do yet. We thought of you all day, wondering if you had contacted Greg Mortar yet? He lives in Baker’s Hill–try to find that area in London. Love, mm and pp

  4. Dear son, please try to remember that Jesus doesn’t do windows or pickup clothes…we are his Hands…and make sure to Thank the Andrews for doing such a good job at expressing God’s love to you…Everyone likes to know what they do right! Pp and I have been reading your blog and enjoying it, please be more descriptive of tastes and sights you’re sharing with us left behind if possible. Love mm

    • Hi there – I’m Sarah & Chauncey & Tim have been staying & Ben & our place the last few days. You have one amazing son and just so you know, he & Tim have been the perfect guests. He even stripped the bed before they left this morning! 🙂 They just left a few hours ago to head off to Scotland. It was fun having them around. What great guys.

  5. Pp and I missed reading your blog for a few days…just caught up today. We are very glad to hear that you are being a guest people like to have visit, by stripping the beds and “offering to help wash the dishes or cook a meal?”. Anyway I was struck by how choices we make affect God’s answers to our prayers…ie given two possible choices we must choose one. Both are given from God but if we choose one we take a different path than if we chose the other. God is present regardless of which we chose but the path is not always as pleasant…God wants us to grow and mature to the point of being able to make the wisest choice, but does not always happen because that is part of the human condition…making mistakes to learn. Learning to get up off the ground when you make a mistake, acknowledging the fact, trying to right the wrong and trying again the next time/day to do it different(right hopefully). Thank you for giving better descriptions of the scenery and experiences. Will you be near Paisley, Scotland where your Muir family relatives came from?? Ask about the Muirs, Simmons and if the Royal Scottish line of Stewarts truly did change their surname to other clan names to avoid being killed by the English…one of which was McVeigh? Also ask about the “Scourges” when the English stripped the rebelling Scottish nobles,and poor working folk of their land and sent them off to Ireland. Love, mm

    • I’m glad that you’re enjoying reading the blog! I have been trying to give more detail. I have in fact been helping wash dishes and those sorts of things. I agree, we definitely do participate in the Lord’s plans. It does imply our ability to make good choices and bad and to affect the effectiveness of our own prayers. Good thoughts momma.

      I’ll look into the Paisley area though I’m not sure if we’ll get there, and I can ask those things, though I’m not sure that every single Scottish person would know. The Marshalls are originally from Ireland to begin with. I’ll let you know as I get information. Love you!

  6. Dear boyo or laddie,
    We haven’t been regular readers of your blog, but today I did catch up and have a suggestion: In the title of each day’s blog, write in the place you are…ie. Edinburgh, Scotland. The date is already there. Your messages are getting less wordy…altho some of your theological musings still tend to go over my head…and your descriptions much clearer…thank you. I enjoy hearing about what your traveling companion questions you. Tim, you are a comfort to us. CD, I am very glad you are getting connected to your ancestral roots/lands with this trip…England; Scotland; Ireland; France and Spain are all part of your genetic coding and if the environment does somehow etch itself into our very essences, maybe some of that in you is calling out to you. I am proud you were able to take a “leap of faith” and go on your quest away from the comfortable, into possibilities that the Spirit of God may guide you through. ” If wishes were horses, beggars would ride”…one of grandma Jane’s favorite sayings. Remember “County Armagh”, NE Ireland is I believe the Handy origins, altho I think the surname was different there, like Curmeagh and the McVeigh/McVeagh were also there in my research. Sounds also like God maybe leading you to Scotland/UK for later exploits/service…we would not mind visiting. Love, Mama

    • Thanks Momma! I’m glad the less wordy nature of the blogs has been good! I’ll be putting up some blogs with information about our Mcveigh heriatge. Do read it! I’ll start putting in the information about where I am. That’s a good idea! Thanks so much for your thoughts and encouragment! I really appreciate it! I’ll try to get to county Armagh. If I get to Scotland for other things you guys ought to visit! That’d be great!

  7. Dear son,
    I just finished reading of your most recent exploits and heritage info…don’t forget to research about the Muirs(out of a small hamlet between Greenock and Paisley, near Glasgow) and the Simmons and Wheelocks(English, I think). Why did you two decide to go to hostels…how is it working without an international hostel card in hand, or was Rick Steves correct when he said you could obtain one after six nights worth of stamps?? The weather here has turned cool and wet. We harvested and pulled up all the squash and tomatoes. Pops planted more red cabbage, lettuce and kale; plus transplanted some chard and collards to now empty spaces. The last hive of bees are still healthy and the bee house is progressing slowly on nice days. Lily loves Kindergarten at Sunnyland with Ms. Jacobs. We watch her for a couple hours/week on Fridays and any early releases or Mondays on the days Mara works. Pops is going to a Vietnam “Gamewarden” River Patrol boat reunion in Suisun City, CA for several days,then go visit Uncle Bert for a couple of days…leaving Sept. 28th, Tues. getting back to SeaTac Oct. 4th, Monday. I am busy working on Great Aunt Carol Raney-Kelm’s needs…preparing for a future move. Love you and praying for your safety. Love, mm

  8. Dear Chauncey,
    I loved learning about the book of Kells, Guinness and about the princess bride cliffs. Also I think you are right, we would love the music available. Regarding the problem of where to stay in France…see if you can’t call or email Karen Raney Mortar at She used to rent out a villa in France somewhere during the summers and I think could very possibly have other contacts which might help you out there? Just a thought. Also while in France check out the Rene’s surname which is where Raney is suppose to have originated? and Keyes(which probably has a French name that is different…some of that side of the family is suppose to have come from the Basque area of France. I have spent most of my free time working on framing up the new B house on the back slab. Pops is disappointed in the low turnout for his Gamewarden reunion but is on to Uncle Bert’s today. The weather has been warm in California, beautiful here but that is changing tomorrow late when we’ll get rain again. Thinking alot of you, knowing that a person learns more from difficulties overcome than just coasting. That is part of the “tempering” of the spirit. Enjoy the ride, Love mm

  9. Dear monsieur,
    Glad to see you are managing to deal with a cold/cough while traveling…bummer. I picked up Pops at Seatac yesterday afternoon and the wet weather from the evening began to break up so today we had another beautiful day. The bees are now being fed sugar syrup and pollen patties to help get them fortified for the long cold winter which the weathermen are predicting for the Pacific NW. Are you aware of the “travel terror alert” warnings being given for all travelers to Europe…that means europeans, americans, japanese etal are to be vigilant about suspicious packages/persons looking to be martyrs for Al Quaida Islamic beliefs. Do not use luggage tags directly identifying you as American. So be careful and when visiting McDonalds or another place to eat or in transportation centers, put your back to the wall and watch people entering/exiting for unusual behavior or leaving bags unattended. Move away from possible trouble, Avoid public demonstrations or civil disobediences, and refrain from discussing travel plans with others. Have a plan of what you will do if a crisis rears it’s head. They say to register your presence at the US Embassy website: so if there is a bombing/incident the State Department can locate you easily. Be aware and cautious. We love you, thanks for the news updates. mm/pp

    • Madame,

      Please dont worry. I will be just fine. I’m trying to speak french when I am not around my canadian friend who I met at the hostel. I’ll be keeping my eyes open to be sure. I will try to register on that site with the govt. Love you too. The cough is getting better and I’m glad the bees are doing so well…long,cold winter? Sigh…its quite warm in paris at the moment…

  10. Dear C,
    You got a notice from WECU about overdrawing your checking/debit account 10-01-10…keep a better eye on that or you’ll have less money, due to a $2/transaction fee and after 6x a month they won’t be able to cover you. We are very happy you are in “gay Paree”. Hope you can find a cheaper wifi location. Love, mm

  11. Dear CD,
    Thanks for relieving our minds about your continued safety. There was nothing we could have done about your lack of blogging, short of contacting the State Dept. who would have to track you down…but don’t worry, your secret is safe with us…you are alive and well. PBTG. We hope Taize is recharging your faith travel batteries. Love you, mm and pp

  12. Dear Boyo,
    I like that address…boyo. Thanks for the birthday card which came on my birthday…good timing! Also for the email which I didn’t read until today, due to all the great outside fun I had on my birthday and today. I am glad you are aware that your loved ones at home do think about you and grow concerned when you don’t make your regular contact. Taize sounded like a great match for you, kind of like a monasteric Firwood without the water sports. There is a reason Paul is so adamant about staying single, when there is just you to worry/be responsible for, you are much more open and able to focus on what God is blessing you with and follow his lead…Try playing follow the leader when everyone around you is trying to get your attention to join them in their activities/lives. Guess I am realitivistic because it is easier to go with the flow than try to swim against the stream, and the older you get the less energy you have to fight the current. We love you always, Mama and Papa

  13. Dear son,
    Loved your descriptions of the flamenco experience. So far from your descriptions of places and activities, I think we would like Scotland, Ireland and Spain…maybe Germany too. I can tell you are getting anxious about your return…remember anxiety is a result of fear, and that means you are not focusing enough on the small still voice of God, the author and finisher of your faith, to guide you . This trip has helped you to recognize that He is there for you no matter what, and that to truly live life to the fullest you need to WAIT and rely upon His strength and timing to answer your questions/problems. It will all work to good. Enjoy the last bits of freedom before you get a new assignment. Love, mm

    • Thanks mama. That was very helpful. You guys would like Spain a lot. Especially right about now. It’s pleasant, but not too hot. I’ll be waiting on the Lord for sure. Freedom will be enjoyed. Love you too.

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