It’s been a long hiatus on this blog. There were good reasons for this. Life events, school, work, and an internship all tally to quite a bit of things to take care of without posting on this blog.

Yet, I’m here. Eventually, life starts to move forward again. Semesters end and work pauses. The feet which strained to take one small step at a time grow bold again. It’s nice that this feeling should take place in advent.

It’s funny to think that I keep stumbling forward through the years only to arrive once again in this place. The place where we all hold our breath and peer cautiously into the manger. We wonder if it is still the case. We wonder if God is truly with us. The trenches have been deep, the wounds have left us older, and we are not the same. Have we traversed the year only to arrive at the same place we dwell in?

I think that what happens in Christmas is that we re-learn the place where we actually dwell. We live here. With this baby Jesus who is God. Face to face with the celebration of the Christ-child in the manger and his mother at his side…I find myself dwarfed in the recognition of a deeper joy. God in Christ has drawn near to us. In Jesus humanity has been (and is being) healed. The good infection has begun and is bringing the dying back to life.

It is the power of God at work in the world to enter into the most vulnerable moment of a human being (birth) and change it into a sign that shakes the foundations of all other powers. The vulnerability that we bring before the manger is the only way to acknowledge this.  We’re needy and God knows it. We’re weak and God knows it. 

It is the power of humanity to be vulnerable. To see and live out our own need for God manifest in the manger. The apostle Paul may have said this another way when he relayed the way the kingdom of God works: “my power is made perfect in weakness.”

We need (and have needed) Him more than we know. What’s more, He has been with us the whole year long. 

Happy Advent. The waiting draws to a close.