Boats, Storms, and Water

Today’s prayer ended with this:

Steer the vessel of our life to you, Lord,
the tranquil haven of all storm-tossed souls,
and show us the course we should follow. 


There’s something about boats and water. I think in part it suits me well as tools for metaphor because I love water/sports involving it. Beyond that though, I find that there’s something to the theme of sailing in storms amid unfathomable depths of raging ocean that mark life in general.

The image of this prayer brings to mind ragged sailors on a leaky ship with tattered sails finally reaching a calm harbor from the midst of the storm.

If anything it points to the reality that beyond all storms there is one who waits for us and whose presence gives us rest. I guess that eventually metaphors of boats, storms, and water lead to land. As well as the idea that there is one who in the fullness of time calms the storm.



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