Settling in on the great deep.

I find that there are periods in life when things settle.

Periodically I’ll stress out about things being new and uncontrollable. Eventually though, I find myself settling into new stages of life. The things that I needed to think about in frustrating cyclical thought patterns to double and triple check that I am sure become facts of my existence.

I am becoming increasingly content with being where I am. Less scared of uncertainty, less prone to devolve into inner turmoil, less ready to believe fears in place of what I know to be reality. I find myself more ready and able to trust, more ready and able to receive unexpected and wonderful blessings, and more aware of the journey-like nature of this adventure.

You might say that if this journey I’m on is a ship at sea…I’m getting the hang of what it looks like to hold to a course, navigate by the stars (things that remain constant), and to realize that I’m not the only sailor in the world.

The wisdom of old grizzled seadogs and young adventurous rogues who have traveled the high seas before me is valuable and I take it whenever I can, but amidst it all I am constantly reminded that no one else has held the exact course I now hold.

This is new and will continue to be so. The feel of the wind in my face is exhilarating as I leave sheltered harbors and shallow seas that I have known in favor of  the great, mysterious, broadness that is sailing on the face of the open ocean.

I guess it’s scary sometimes, but this is real life. The stakes are high. They always have been…I guess I had never really thought that this was the case. It only became apparent recently. There’s the chance to lose lots out there in the uncontrollable sea, but it’s worth the risk. The best things always include risk.

Jesus, I need your help. I know we can do this. Let’s keep at it.



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