Here it comes…Blogging!

The desire to write something (even if it happens to be just my thoughts) has become somewhat overwhelming. I am going to try for the thirdish time to begin blogging again.

Whilst I was out today I took out a journal that I got for Christmas. It is not a terribly masculine journal. It’s that shiny metallic blue and generally reminds me of walking through the towel section of Bed Bath and Beyond. Nonetheless, it serves a great purpose. I wrote a haiku today. Yes. In the journal.

There’s this man that I see regularly on the bus. (well actually there are several. One of them who is not featured in haiku  looks almost identical to what I imagine Sigman Freud to look like). This is the haiku about him:

Gray beard and tall socks,

Reading books on the bus ride,

Does he own a cat?

I thought it was fairly poignant. I can’t recall ever seeing him talk to people. Maybe he goes home to a swirling maelstrom of people and events so uproarious and piercing that his only time to read is on the bus…but perhaps he goes home to his pet. At the end of the day neither option says he can’t own a cat. Thus the question.

I’ve thought before about the challenge that is adjusting to the mundane-ness of post-college. It had been a looming issue. The fact that my life as I live it is not always full of hilarity, late nights playing Halo (like the one before I graduated college. Shout out to Charley Mengel and Andrew Brauer), or invigorating theological dialogue has been a hard reality to face. I think though, that I’m learning to face it. I’m actually learning to enjoy it.

It can be fast paced and full very easily, but I think that having time to sit around and read a book one enjoys is something that is often overlooked. I was sitting last night and listening to the lives of the guys in my small group and realized that I didn’t miss school. They all complained of business. For me being busy isn’t as much of an issue. I come home from work and make dinner and take it easy and actually like doing that. I might be more dull than before. Or perhaps I am learning to live in the existence most people experience and find meaning and joy in it. Not all the time mind you. Six AM is a disliked hour still. But it’s disliked less than before.

I guess you might say that things move slower out here while seeming to blow by. I’m learning to like that. Surprising perhaps, but not bad.

New subject. I watched some of the state of the union address. It was as good as an american president can do I suppose. On the other hand I was frustrated by the way in which words like “faith,” “freedom,” “spirit,” “ideals,” and other such things were bandied about in the context of America. Before I begin allow me to set the record straight. I love living in the US. I love my country as much as is possible without it being an idolatrous sort of love. Those things being said I am deeply bothered by the way that our government officials blend a vocabulary of faith into rhetoric.

Faith in America. The spirit of the American people and America. Freedom that is fought for. These are things that at one level make sense, but once I start thinking from a Christian standpoint…they don’t. We aren’t called to have faith/trust in America, but rather in God. The only real Spirit that we ought to talk in the sense of reviving that which is stagnant about the US about is the Holy Spirit. Freedom is already won for everyone in the world already through Jesus Christ’s life, death and resurrection. I wonder if we really remember these things as we hear people in the government use these words without using the only context in which these things actually become life-giving.

It’s as though our government dances around things of God and the identity of God without ever really being on His team or wanting to do the entirety of what He asks. I suppose this shows it to be made of people, but at the same time…when our president (who I appreciate more than  many other presidents) uses words like freedom to justify the continued death of people made in the image of God and uses the words “God bless America” to top off such justifications…I begin to feel like a stranger in a strange land. I begin to long for the heavenly country. I start to wonder if following Jesus to the full extent of my ability in the face of such bold misuse of biblical themes will end in my own government justifying the death of the faithful in the name of freedom, faith in America, and the spirit and ideals of the American people.

The atom bombs in WW2 killed many Christians in Japan alongside everyone else. It makes me want to be careful with how we use important words.


I’ve noticed that…

I’ve noticed several things:

1) I don’t blog as much as I used to, but I want to live the dream of blogging regularly.

2) viola and the word used for people saying what sounds like “wa-lah” are spelt very much the same if not exactly the same.

3) I have chocolate milk to spare in my fridge with regularity.

4) Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds are a glorious adventure in the land of yummolicious.

5) I have a job that is often painfully challenging and yet simultaneously allows for me to watch movies and play wii tank battle to my heart’s content. I also get as much Telenovela as I can shake a manipulative, scantily clad, and absurdly dramatic stick at.

6) Prayer is super appreciated when one is not buoyed the currents of Christian institutions like camp and college.

7) Friends are awesome.

8) 6AM can actually become a bearable time to rise from slumber.

9) The swine flu can be overcome.

10) Hope in the renewal of all things is something that almost makes me cry when I watch Lord of the Rings.

11) I wish I had more time…