Where have I been? Well, no time to tell you but I am here now.

So, I’m in Seattle again. I just completed two days or so of Americorps training. Oh yes. That’s right! I got a job. I am a member of Americorps and I will be serving at a center in the U District that works with hispanic street youth. I’m super pumped about it. I get some health care, and money, but I’m mostly pumped about my work out of all the options.

Camp finished up well. I had to leave a week early to move down here and that saddened me a good deal. I had a great summer with my CITs and the rest of the staff. There were people there that I’ve worked with for many years that I realized are going to be my friends for the rest of life. At least, if I have anything to say about it. They may disagree. I got really tan. I learned to drive boat like a champion. I felt good about the work I did ¬†and good about the work God did through me. One of those things where I didn’t see what He had been doing in and through me until I was done. High five to the Triune God. Amazing.

Otherwise, I’ve made a few changes lately. I moved to square frame glasses, bought a messenger bag, and got some nicer shirts for work. In essense I’m going off the few stylish people I know (JJ Kissinger, Tyler Gorsline, Ben Troop) and hoping that gets it done. I think it is working. I stepped onto a bus the other day and found that all the working sorts of people in the Queen Anne area are dressed EXACTLY like me. The whole deal. I felt like a trendy chump. Oh well. I had to dress more professionally anyway. Certain things are sacrificed in life. Sometimes those things include desires to not look like Rob Bell.

In other news, I have discovered two of the most interesting streets in all of Seattle. 11th and 10th Avenue. they are both similar, they’re both in Queen Anne, they’re both lovely…but they’re different.

11th avenue is like the spiteful little brother who offers you some cake only to eat it right before you get there to put your fork in it. It follows a strange and winding course through Queen Anne branching off and randomly forbidding automobile travel by means of several well-placed staircases. If one should overcome the obstacle of the staircases, you would be mired in a completely new part of Seattle where all the side streets run for 2 blocks only to be stopped by a row of impenetrable houses. The people are all very pleasant, but the desire of the street on which they live seems to be to spite the unwitting visitor.

10th avenue on the other hand seems to be in an identity crisis. It winds through several different neighborhoods. There are times when it would almost seem to be a street in Costa Rica. There are seemingly haphazard locations where spanish architecture is employed to the fullest extent. Sometimes I want to jump out of buses and cars and either prepare myself to be faced by steel swords and gold-thirsty conquistadores or prepare to speak spanish with people who are a good deal shorter than me. On the whole though 10th ave is great. It reminds me of other places that I have been and keeps me where I am at the same time. Strange, yet very pleasing to the eye. 10th avenue also presents me with buildings I’ve never seen before. What is the First West building? What’s inside it?