Deep Sigh. The library remains my second home.

Yessir. I am in the library again. Talent show is coming up on Friday and I get to play a fun role in the process. You will just have to come because I’m technically not supposed to tell anyone. Let’s just say that I am excited. My computer should be fixed sometime this week. Hopefully that means that there will be more blogs. Life has been going well. Don’t worry about me if you’re thinking about it, Jesus has my back.


Where’d the blog go?

I know that for some of you who check this all the time the sudden lack of steady blog posts has been frustrating. I really enjoy this blog also, so know that you aren’t the only ones.

My computer decided to catch a virus and so…That’s all for the time being. I am in the library a lot these days. Hopefully my friend Aaron can bring my computer back to life. I don’t have lots of time to invest in it when homework needs to be done.


Life goes into a sort of regular system of happenings

Currently things are pretty calm. I am about to head to bed, but I thought I would tell you what I did today. Not that it is all that exciting.

I woke up and went over to my friend KatieAnn’s house so we could carpool to church. My friend Ben was speaking. I had some coffee, which is something I don’t usually do in the mornings…but there are times when you just need a cup of coffee. This was one of them.

Part of me wondered briefly this morning if going to church out in Bellevue was worth the drive. I quickly remembered that it was once I got to church and exited the raging storm of girl talk that was the car I was in. I really like my church a whole lot. I go to a Mennonite Church by the way. We sing out of hymnals, have liturgy that is flexible, don’t think people should kill other people in any circumstances, and have a very multi-generational sort of gathering. Older folks, 20 somethings like me and Ben, and little munchkins too. Really, you should consider going sometime…Everyone would love to meet you. Just like they met me and Ben during our first time there. Then we just kept going.

I have been thinking a lot lately about a couple things. One of them is how much I dislike postmodernism. That is the idea that truth is relative to experience. What is true for you can be true for you based on your experience, but in mine it is not. Another thing about it is that there is no absolute Truth. There is no undergirding to anything and everything really ought to be ok. As a result there is no authority of authorship to books or poems or the bible. So, an author (or God inspired author) can write something, but you don’t have to take it as he says if you’re a postmodernist…you get to take it as it is in your experience and then you can take what is true for you and leave out the parts that aren’t. I’m sorry, but that is absolute nonsense. Firstly, let’s take a look at it from a philosophical perspective. The idea that there is no absolute Truth is heralded as an absolute truth. That is ironically stupid. It’s as though you made a sandwich  on national television while stating to the world that sandwiches don’t exist. Well…that is dumb. Secondly if we as Christians use this as a guiding philosophy it makes Jesus a relative truth. More or less we say that “Jesus died for me in my experience. But Everyone else is true in their experience.” What happens then? We make Jesus something fictional. Being Christian you assert that men need to be saved to be able to experience fullness in their relationships with others and with God, if that is only true in our experience and not true all around for everyone then Jesus might as well have been selling baloons on the street corner. If you don’t worship the One God as the One God…then you might as well do some serious pondering about just what exactly you are doing by dicking around with Christianity and postmodernist thought. You’ve gotta choose. Jesus is the savior of everyone or if you assert that He is a relative savior in your experience then you treat Him as the unimportant savior of no-one.

The other thing I have been thinking about is discipleship. That means following Jesus. Obviously we all fail at it in multiple ways, but what does that mean? I am beginning to think that this means several things. A) We need to keep trying. By that I mean actually try. None of the thing I do a lot and claim to try, but really I just declared that I was trying to make myself feel better. I mean sell-the-farm try. Go for it. Try to love God with all you are until you cry out of frustration. Then at this point I think we need to think about point B) God is a redemptive savior. God is not content to leave us as He finds us. We are not the only ones striving for our relationship with God to be a functional process of increasing humanity and wholeness. God strives right there with us. He died so that this process would be possible. He also knows that we suck sometimes. Do you think that Jesus in all the time He spent on earth experienced some sort of wishy-washy universe in which men never screwed up? Nope. He was friends with chumps. He spent three years physically on earth turning chumps into champs. Thankfully even when He stepped out of the physical dimension, He didn’t stop working on us. The point is that even when all hope seems lost, even when the world has turned wrong and the One True God and Messiah is crucified on the hill on Friday…There is still an Easter Sunday to come in which God rises and takes us with Him. Even in the darkest moments of our lives God is still there, all we have to do sometimes is as the psalmist said “Wait on the Lord.”

PS: After I went to church I went out to lunch, which Ben payed for. Then I went to the library for a really long time. Too long. Anyhow. that’s that.

Hey World! I am alive here!

Yes indeed. I have sucessfully transitioned to the life back in the big city. I bought myself eggs and milk for the first time ever. I didn’t go with organic eggs. I would buy organic bananas because I have seen the people working in the banana plantations and know about their lives, but I will have to work up to eggs. I don’t feel much compassion for chickens at the moment. Today’s justifcation for buying cheap eggs: Chickens smell bad. Eggs come from things that smell bad. They should not be too expensive.

Things are a bit strange here lately. Coming back to Seattle I find myself seeing so many people that I want to be spending time with, but with whom I will inevitably lack the opportunity to accomplish this desire with. I will do my best, but I will be frustrated with whatever happens. That and I live in a house (albiet one filled with wicked tight roommates) which is completely different than anything I have experienced. I cook for myself and while I like it I still feel like it is too quiet sometimes.

My quarter is a miraculous mix of classes that are really beneficial. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I get to take classes in which I learn more about Jesus. A gospels class, a discipleship class, and a theology class. All classes I am blessed to take. Simlpy marvelous. Every day is a new day in which the Lord ministers to me in a different way and shows me things I have never seen before. What’s the downside? Having to use “biblical resources”. Did you know that there are entire books filled with references to articles on specific passages in the bible? Huge Frikkin’ books. Ginormous. Who are the people who do this sort of organizational frustration that enables biblical scholarship? No idea. I looked at 5 different translations of the text in which John the Baptizer gets beheaded today. I got a morbid pericope (passage) for my biblical exegesis paper, but hey…I get to write a paper about the bible that is the inspired word of the Living God. That’s cool.

Related tangent. I have been thinking about the fact that the God I and other Christians worship isn’t just some sort of God who is impossibly far away. In some senses He is, but more than that he is impossibly present everywhere we go. When I read the bible I am trying to determine what it is that the God who lives within me, surrounds me, and gives me value is trying to share with me in the present. That is odd. So very odd and hard to understand. The fact that I don’t understand it makes me want to be all skeptical about it, however…It’s true. So, now I get to figure out in the best way possible how to learn to read/study the bible while listening to the ever-present God who created the universe. On today’s list of challenges, this is pretty far up there.

Another thing I find myself learning is about the moment. I keep coming back to the fact that I am a planner. I like to have things mapped out. Sometimes I do a pretty good job of it. However, sometimes I do so at the expense of the present moment I am in. For example I could start thinking about what I will cook for dinner in the middle of an incredibly valuable conversation with a human being. Human beings are immortal. Dinner is temporary (while nutritious). It sucks to realize that I missed important parts of a converstaion because I wasn’t present. It also sucks to think about the amount of things that I have missed God telling me because I have been too busy dicking around with things that go like this: “I might  like her. Maybe we’ll date, then we’ll get married. But where will we live? What will my job be?” Then it gets out of control and I lost 20 minutes of a day that I will never get back to useless daydreaming. Unfortunately this happens more than you think. Sometimes instead of girls I could be dating I imagine superpowers I could have and how sweet that would be…oh yes. The eight-year-old within never dies.

Lately I have been getting blessed like crazy by people who want to give me free food. I have really enjoyed it. I hope that more comes my way, but while free food is good I find that I usually appreciate the relational context of the food more than the food itself. Which I suppose is a healthy thing.

I stopped blogging in December for some time for several reasons. One: Computer had a virus and I didn’t want to compromise my blog. Two: I just needed a break. I blogged my entire trip to latin america and while useful I just needed to live life without feeling the need to tell people about it. Things you missed are as follows:

– My brother’s wife is pregnant. I am pushing for the name Chauncey Diego Francisco Handy II. It’s a solid name.

-I turned 22. I feel old, but I have people telling me with great consistancy that I am in fact not old. Well. They may be right, but I sure feel old.

-We celebrated a new year in which I had some of the Cuban rum I brought back. It wasn’t quite what I had expected.

-Snow happened. There was way too much of it for too long. Robb Watson may not think so, but I guarantee you that the rest of the world hereabouts wished there wasn’t so much. I got stuck in Seattle for an extra day because of it. I got to hang out with Kile Petersen more and that was awesome, but I had no idea that the train could ever be stopped for any reason related to snow. I learned new information: The train is weak.

So, that’s about it for now. I will try to put some semblance of a regular blog back together.