Junior Camp again.

So we’ve got munchkins here again. They’re 3rd to 6th graders. The sort that ask “what’s for dinner?” Every five minutes until it’s dinner and then the question becomes “What are we doing after dinner?” I think their questions are funny. I like answering their questions with a mix of “All these things will be revealed to you in time.” or “It either is or it isn’t.” It bothers them. Good, I say. Their questions get obnoxious too.

There’s a strange thing that kids do. They say “I can’t do (fill in the blank).” This bothers me. They obviously can do whatever it may be, but for some reason they think they can’t. Anything from putting on shoes to just letting a game be unfair. My friend Keaton wondered if we were like junior campers to the Lord.  Are we always whining to God about things like fundip when in reality there is way more important things to care about? I think the answer is yes. As much as little kids bother me sometimes, more often than not they’re a great window into how we must be with our heavenly Father. Plus they say really funny things. I bet God thinks the same about us.

I was spending a bit of time looking at my myspace page. I never check it. I don’t like it, but I used to blog there. Not as well as here. I’m a good deal older now. In any case it’s interesting to see what a blogging Chauncey from 2005 is like. He’s really wishing to date girls. He wants to. It’s something that was huge for him. I guess that probably didn’t change too long ago. He was totally into my friend Krista. I don’t blame him, she’s great. Nonetheless, he was moderately obsessed. I wish I could take a step back in time and tell him what’s up. I wonder if he’d listen. I would say something like: “Man, what you want isn’t what you need. You want girls, but you need Jesus. Without Him everything you could ever win is pointless.” I’d try to explain to Him a few things about emotional intimacy. I doubt he would listen. I’m very stubborn. Still, looking back I wonder how much time I’ve wasted thinking about things that don’t matter. Not to say that girls don’t matter. Jesus loves them, but a relationship with them isn’t a replacement for a relationship with the Lord…I wish I could show that to past Chauncey. I wonder how different I’d be if I had used the moments I was given instead of wasting them on stupid things. How much different would the world be?

I wish I had more people to process with. I’m so used to having people to talk to about what I’m experiencing and give me advice or counsel on life…It’s much more difficult here. The door has been opened by people in my small group here, but I don’t walk through it. I guess what it comes down to is that everyone is busy and I don’t get to see them enough to just chat with them. Either it’s time for an important thing that cannot be interrupted or I don’t see the people I need to see when I need to see them…or when I do talk to someone in particular I get my experience invalidated and get pissed off.

Not seriously angry, but I express emotion because I need to learn how to do so better. It annoys me when people don’t give me room to do that without making statements like “You shouldn’t…” I will do whatever I need to do. I’m not going to be an emotionless robot just so everyone feels comfortable. When I’m mad, I show it. When I’m sad, I’d like to cry but in reality I don’t feel comfortable enough around 95% of people to cry for real in front of them. It doesn’t help when there’s not room for even a frustrated response to hitting my head on something.

In other news I woke up at balls o’ clock yesterday. For you cultured folk, that’s 6:20AM. I woke up that early and made my lifeguards practice spinals. They mostly hated me, but I’m not here to be their friend. Plus, I gave them donuts afterwards. They were more happy then. After an hour or so of pretending people were getting a herd of spinal injuries in the lake, we were free. My friend Erin is one of the sassiest girls I know. I think it’s funny. She’s one of my lifeguards. Sometimes she says she hates me…I chuckle.

My niece was home yesterday. I got to spend time with her. She’s funny. She’s got this whole game where she tells “secrets” to people and you’re supposed to respond with giggling or “oooooooh!”. It’s nice to see her having fun with my dad. It’s odd to think that I’m her uncle. I’m really not that old. I don’t have odd hobbies (except for this blog) and I don’t have a mustache. I’m also not fat. I’d better work on these things as she gets older so I can be a fun uncle or “funcle” for short. Kudos to Aaron Bollinger. Who I really miss here by the way. Psst Aaron, if you’re reading this give yourself a high five and pretend I’m giving it to you.

K. Bye for now.


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